Why Alpha Engineering

Powder Coated Aluminium Castings, Aluminium Junction Boxes Manufacturer, India

  • Flexible Quantities
    At Alpha Engineering Company, We can deliver from low volume as 100 Nos per month to large volumes like 10000 Nos per month and more.
    It is possible only due to our optimization of process flow and appropriate tooling designs along with proper labour utilization.
  • Pressure tight and porosity free casting
    Molten aluminum is poured into a metal mold . The temperature of the metal and the mold is controlled which rapidly cools the aluminum. This causes the metal to solidify into a very fine-grain texture, free of porosity and oxide films. This gives our castings superior metallurgical properties and a high degree of pressure tightness.

    For achieving the desired casting quality processes like nitrogen degassing , grain refinement is incorporated.
  • Less Machining
    Excessive machining is a waste and should be avoided wherever possible . We at Alpha Engineering Company aim to reduce the machining time by providing the castings dimensions close to the finish dimensions. Which compels us to go for thin wall castings with reduced taper angle. Our infrastructure consists of hydraulic machines which allow us to fulfill above requirements.
  • Low Cost Casting
    Less machining implies less cost involved . Our experience of over 27 years allows us to develop low cost and innovative moulds . Customers associated with us enjoy the benefits of low cost mold manufacturing.
  • Casting with Molded Inserts
    We at Alpha Engineering Company, provide insert molding . This consists of producing a casting around a steel or gun metal insert. This unique process of ours allows our customer to enhance the quality of their product by providing special local properties in casting rather than compromising on quality.
  • Fine Surface Finish
    Surface finish plays an important role in the overall product appearance for our customer. We have developed finishing process for the castings as per our customer needs. Our castings have clean, smooth and silvery appearance which minimizes the expensive operation of polishing . The cast components are so ready for other surface coatings like powder coating , anodizing .
  • Complex Shape Castings
    Years of experience in the field has allowed Alpha Engineering Company to develop different types of mold filling systems. This give us the advantage to cast complex shape castings adhering to the quality criteria of the customer.
  • Inhouse Machining Facility
    Alpha Engineering Company has inhouse CNC and VMC shop. We provide fully finished components to our customers. This reduces the unnecessary transport of goods which inturn reduces the cost for our customer.
  • Large Supplier-Vendor Base
    Being in this field for more than 2 decades has generated immense goodwill for our organization. Which reflects in our association with our vendors and suppliers.

    This association allows us to provide services like powder coated aluminum casting , hard anodized aluminum casting , soft anodized aluminum casting , green pasivation , rubber mounding to aluminum castings , Heat Treated aluminums casting.
  • Sub-Assembly Manufacturing
    Many years of association with the customers has built a mutual trust within us. This resulted in proving sub assemblies consisting of aluminum casting to our customers. We provide sub assemblies of aluminium castings along with gun metal bushes, steel shafts, springs, rubber molded parts , plastic molded parts.

    The assemblies' are tested at our facility and dispatched to the customer.
  • Approach of Continual Improvement
    Time and again it has been proven that you have to improve your organization with time. Our existence of 2 decades in this sector proves that it is not possible without imbibing the Continual Improvement approach. We at Alpha Engineering Company, are open to any kind of new ideas and are eager to venture into unknown fields. With this attitude towards work we have given solutions to many problems of our customers.
Why Alpha Engineering

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